Car Lapping Tech & Structure

Tech Inspection – Noise Restriction

  • Cars must be in excellent running condition and free of any fluid leaks
  • Must meet the stationary noise restriction of 100 dBA maximum. Readings will also be taken on track and shall not exceed 98 dBA measured from 50 feet on a full acceleration pass-by.
  • Suspension should be in good condition with no worn ball joints or bushings
  • Brake pedal should be firm with no give when pressed
  • Tires should have adequate/safe tread depth, not be showing any cords and be inflated to an appropriate pressure
  • Interior and trunk must be free of any loose objects
  • All cars will be visually inspected
  • As a rule, open wheel cars are not permitted at GBM Lapping Day events. If there is sufficient interest from a group, or a number of participants, GBM may consider creating a run group for open wheel cars only. In this case, please contact the track prior to registration.

Lapping Event Structure

  • 42 car limit – based on 3 run groups of 14 cars.
  • Full-day lapping – 3×20 minute run sessions in the morning and 4×20 minute run sessions in the afternoon. Evening program minimum 3 x 20 minute sessions
  • Morning coffee & water will be provided for all participants
  • GBM Lapping days are operated under the premise that safety is paramount and good car control is mandatory:
  • If a driver misses the morning Technical Inspection period at the track, his/her car will not be allowed on track until such time as that inspection may be performed. Depending on timing that may mean having to miss at least one run group.
  • If a driver misses the morning Drivers Meeting, he/she will not be allowed on track until such time as they have been briefed on the track/paddock safety rules and a review of the flags.
  • Cars will only be allowed to pass another car on track in designated areas, once an appropriate passing signal (point by) has been given by the driver of the car in front.
  • If a car/driver is deemed to not be maintaining complete control of his vehicle at all times, places two or more wheels off the track surface at any time, or displays aggressive tendencies on track towards his/her fellow participants, a black flag will be given to that driver and his session will be over. If a driver receives two black flags at an event he/she may be asked to leave the event without recourse or refund.

Driver Attire

  • Helmet (Snell 2000 or newer recommended)  mandatory per insurance provider
  • Limited number of rental helmets are available
  • Long pants
  • Closed toe shoes