Rental Pricing & Lapping Information


Wednesday Evenings $100( In Advance) $115 (At the Gate, if space available)  13% HST INCLUDED

Weekdays (Mon-Fri) $160 (In Advance) $175 (At the Gate, if space available) 13% HST INCLUDED

Weekends (Sat&Sun) $175 (In Advance) $185 (At the Gate, if space available) 13% HST INCLUDED

Lapping Programs 2024


We launched our online reservation system for lapping days in 2022. I expect our 2024 season will be available the first of April when the office reopens and we can/will take reservations for lapping dates by phone then as well. . In April Call 519-238-7223 and we will take your reservation/information. If it is after hours leave a message and we will call you back. Pre-Registration ends Wednesday at noon for Wednesday Evening Lapping Events. It will end Sun at 3pm for Holiday Monday Lapping events.

  Two Wheel Wed evenings – May 15&22,June 12,July 3&17,Aug 7&28,Sept 4&18, 

KSR Motorcycle lapping days  Mondays May 27,June 3&17,July 8&22,Aug 12,19 & 26, Sept 16&23,  Saturdays May 4 7 Oct 12th,(register for these on their facebook page or at

Ride 42 Motorcycle lapping days May 13th &21st, June 27th, July 2nd, Aug 15th, Sept 3rd &19th

Practice wkd (May 11/12) & Fridays of SOAR weekends   These are now run by SOAR These are race practice days with fast lapping and passing throughout the layout for SOAR members only. May 24, June 21, July 26, Aug 23, Sept 6, Sept 27.

Cars – Whitelaw Automotive Wed evenings – May 8 &29, June 5,19&26, July 10,24&31, Aug 14&21 Sept 11 &25, Oct 2&9  Full days  May 20th, Sept 2nd.

Porsche London day  Thursday June 20th –  contact Porsche London to register.

GTA Exotics Sat/Sun Aug  17/18 –  register at

Supercar Experiences June 29/30 & July 1 register at



There are numerous track configurations from 1.4km to 2.8km in length. Rental costs are as follows.

WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS – $5000/day plus hst or $750/hr plus hst

WEEKDAYS – $2500/day plus hst or $350/hr plus hst. minimum 3 hours otherwise additional costs re Ambulance personnel applies ( they are a 3 hr minimum shift)

TO ENQUIRE ABOUT A RENTAL – Look at the schedule re available dates that might work for you and send us an email to please add road course enquiry ( as we get them for drag rentals as well)

All rentals require a 15% deposit at the time of booking, balance to be paid either prior to to or the day of the rental. If cancellation is required (must be at least 3 hours before the rental) a 100% refund is applicable or the deposit can be transferred to an alternate date.

Rentals include Marshals and EMT personnel. All rentals start with a Drivers Mtg to go over the flags/rules etc. followed by a sighting lap of the configuration being used for the rental. All participants must wear a helmet while on track. (GBM has a limited number of helmets for rental – please call and reserve in advance). Convertibles can run with the top down if they have a built in roll bar or rollover system, otherwise they must run with the top up. Passengers are allowed but must also wear a helmet while on track.

RAIN POLICY/CANCELLATION – If you need to cancel (re weather, etc.) we need a minimum of 3 hours notice so we can cancel the EMT’s booked for your rental, otherwise you will incur a $150 charge as once the EMT’s are dispatched from London there is a minimum charge. If weather is looking to be a factor it is best to touch base with us the day before so we can discuss the various options and exchange contact info if a call is to be made early the day of your rental.

INSURANCE – GBM carries a liability policy re our rental & lapping programs, but individual vehicles on the road course are not insured by our policy. Please be Advised – most insurance companies do not cover vehicles participating in on track programs. ALSO rentals that are being run as a business (charging participants a fee to participate) must have their own insurance – we can procure that for you and add it to your rental.

RENTAL OPERATIONS – To keep all patrons as safe as possible, rentals will operate under the same parameters as our own lapping programs. There will be designated passing zones – NO PASSING THRU CORNERS or TWISTING SECTIONS OF THE RACETRACK, each layout has designated straightaways where passing will be permitted. Basically if you catch the vehicle in front of you you stay behind that vehicle until you get to the designated passing zone/zones – that car will slow down somewhat and move over allowing you to pass. IF you are the vehicle that was caught – once you hit the passing zone – slowdown and move over to let the vehicle/vehicles that caught you pass, (basically passing you like they would on the highway), once they are past you can accelerate back to full speed.